Lucy Nina Virtue

(five hours old)

Born: 16 November 2010, 1:34pm, Murwillumbah Hospital, NSW, Australia

Parents:  Mark Virtue and Brony Tillett
Siblings:  Jasmine Whetstone and Ziggy Whetstone

At birth:  3.4kg (7.5lb), 50.5cm (20")

Underwater Swimming (courtesy of Paul Klemes)

Camping with Mum and Dad

At nearly four months, with Daddy

Six months old, and very happy today

Eight months old, with Daddy

Nine months old, with Mummy

Eleven months old, on Mum & Dad's wedding day

13 months old

16 months old

22 months old

2 1/4 years old

2 1/2 years old

4 1/2 years old

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